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Business ADSL

Faster data services, faster page draws, and faster downloads. It offers better data-carrying capacity, than a dial-up connection.

The Technology

Starnet uses ADSL (Asynchronous digital subscriber line) technology to provide broadband internet service to customers. It uses the existing analogue telephone lines to connect to the internet and enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voice band modem can provide. By sending digital signals over the telephone line, it provides broadband Internet access without interrupting your normal (and concurrent) use of the telephone line for placing and receiving phone calls.

The 'A' is for 'asymmetric' – ADSL provides much faster services 'downstream' – to your computer – than 'upstream' – back out to the internet – which suits anyone who downloads more data than they send. We offer you a wide range of ADSL packages and are designed to meet the requirements of business users.

The Service

The ADSL service provided under the brand name StarNet is a wholesale DSL services provided by BATELCO to NorthStar Communications in accordance with the TRA regulations.

Customer should have an analogue telephone line, an ADSL Modem and an ADSL enabled telephone socket that must also contain an ADSL filter. Customer can choose between the packages with limited threshold and without any download limit. A discount is available for customers signing up a fixed term contract.

StarNet Business Broadband - ADSL Packages
  • Broadband ADSL packages ideal for internet browsing and accessing emails are available in a range of packages from 256Kbps to 16Mbps.
  • Monthly charges start from BD 15/- onwards.
  • No long term contracts to be signed
  • Please contact us for pricings and more information.