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Star Talk Business

Star Talk Business is an IDD (International Direct Dialing) service which can be availed on any fixed telephone line in Bahrain. This service makes use of CPS (Carrier Pre Selection) which allows the user to choose a telecommunication provider of their choice for their International calls. Star Talk Business users enjoy significant savings of up to 30% on their monthly international telephone bills. The service is provided without any compromise on the voice quality of the calls.

How to make a call

Star Talk Business service allows customers to choose North Star as their pre-selected operator for making international calls also termed Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS).

Making an international call is exactly the same like the traditional calling procedures such as 00 + country code + number with no extra digits or numbers to be dialed. There are no access numbers / toll free numbers to dial.

How to Subscribe

Star Talk Business service can be availed through North Star’s customer friendly team of sales and marketing personnel who are trained and equipped to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the service.

To sign up for the Star Talk Business service, customers should fill in a Subscriber Application Form indicating their intention to avail the service. Application forms are also available from North Star offices.

Processing an application would take a maximum of up to 10 working days and customers can follow up on the progress with their applications by contacting the helpline at 17 565 171 or email Your account manager will stand by you for further assistance to ensure full satisfaction.

Sales Contacts:
Tel: 17 565 171
Fax: 17 564 020

How to pay

Each month you will receive a bill detailing all the calls made through Star Talk Business Service for each of your registered telephone numbers.

Bill Payments can be made by cash, cheque in favour of North Star Communications, or by calling the helpline on 17 565 161 / 17 565 171 (for Credit Card holders).

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