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Star Talk Homeline

Star Talk Homeline is a Premium quality VoIP calling service. VoIP telephony helps users make substantial savings on their monthly telephone expenditure for their Local & International calls. It works the same way as a normal telephone except the communication travels over the Internet instead of the normal telephone lines.

Star Talk Homeline service can be availed on both mobile and land line connections. Homeline users enjoy significant savings up to 70% on their monthly Local and International telephone bills depending on the destination of the calls.

How to Subscribe

Fill in the application form and mail or fax it to Fax: 17 564 020, or drop it in at a Startalk customer service counter (Suite 1201, Almoayed Tower, Seef District).

How to make a call

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 !

How to pay

You will receive details of all calls you have made on a monthly basis for each of your registered telephone numbers.

Credit for Star Talk Homeline service can be purchased by cash, cheque in favour of North Star Communications, or by calling the helpline on 17 565161 / 17 565171 (for Credit Card holders).

If you require an agent to come to your home or office and collect your payment, please call 1729 0000.

Terms and Conditions