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Bulk SMS

Looking for an easy, efficient and affordable way to contact a large number of mobile numbers in a matter of seconds? Then our StarSMS is the service for you.

The StarSMS service is a great tool to use for marketing campaigns, introducing offers and promotions as well as contacting employees.

StarSMS allows you to create your own phone books or lists for repeated use. We work closely with you to plan your monthly SMS budgets to help save you money!

Some of the perks you enjoy with our StarSMS service include:

  • Web based sending to an individual or to group
  • Immediate response of message delivery
  • View history of SMS sent and credits used
  • Import contacts and create customized groups
  • Send SMS to one or more groups.
  • Buy credits online and recharge easily


1- What are the charges ?

  • It depends on the package that you choose.
  • Enter the SMS volume you wish to purchase and click on "Calculate".

2- Any other costs involved?

  • There are no set up fees or monthly fees.Each package purchased comes with a validity period.
  • There are no charges for setting up sender ID.

3- How can add credits to my account?

  • Go to “Sign up” and fill up the details.
  • Enter the SMS volume you wish to buy and click on “Calculate” and then “Proceed to Pay”.

4- How can I recharge?

  • Once you have registered, login with your username and password.
  • Click on "Buy Credits" to purchase credits online.

5- Is there any validity period for the SMS credits?

  • Each package comes with a validity period.Please refer to the table in "Buy Credits".


6- How do I register?

  • Registration is free. Please click on "Sign up" for registration.

7- How do I Login?

  • Once you have registered, go to "my account" and select "Star SMS Login".
  • Enter your E-mail ID and password and click on "Login".


8- What is maximum limit of messages that can be sent?

  • Our system can support any amount of messages sent in a day at a time. The limit is quite high.
  • Please make sure that you have enough credits in your account to send large number of SMSs.

9- How long does it take to deliver messages?

  • Typically messages are sent within seconds to minutes depending on the operator.
  • We always ensure best routes for the message delivery.

10- How can I create a new group?

  • Click on "Create List". Give a name to the list (e.g. Family, Friends etc). Description is optional.
  • Please see Ans-12 for Excel format

11- Where can I see the contacts?

  • Click on "View /Edit List".To view contact details, select the list.
  • You can also Edit or Delete numbers from the list.

12- How do I import contacts to the list?

Create an Excel Sheet in the following format.


  • Phone numbers must be on first column.
  • Remove any column name on the first row.
  • Only Digits are allowed on each row.
  • Maximum 20 digits in each row.
  • Second and third columns are optional.
  • Save the files in .xls format. Go to "Create List". Choose the file while uploading and then click on "Create".

13- Can I see the status of message delivery?

  • Refer to "Reports" to see the success or failure of messages delivery."Reports" also gives you the  entire summary of the messages sent.

14- Can I choose the Sender_ID?

  • Sender-ID is enabled after your intial procedure of Registration.You can give up to three different Sender-IDs in the Sign Up form.
  • After Login, go to "Compose SMS". Select the Sender-ID from the SenderID drag down box.

15- Can I write message in any language?

  • Yes, you can send SMS either in English or in Arabic.
  • Go to “Compose SMS”, then select the language (English/Arabic) and then type the message.

16- Can I see my remaining credits?

  • Yes, please login to our page with your Email ID and password. You can see your "Available balance"right on the top of your login screen.

17- How can I see my SMS history?

  • Go to "Reports" in the login Screen.You can see the table containing details of your type of messages sent, Credits used and Date of Delivery.