3D Scanning Services

NorthStar Technology 3 D Scanning Services - The experts in 3D laser scanning and point cloud processing.

We are a professional surveying company with a primary focus on 3D laser scanning. Based in Kingdom of Bahrain, with offices throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we operate worldwide with vast experience over a diverse range of services. We offer a wide range of point cloud related products such as 2D documentation, 3D models, Building Information Models (BIM), and PDMS models. Our products and services are suitable for industrial sites, offshore installations and vessels, architecture, heritage and large scale urban regeneration projects.

We employ around 12 highly-skilled CAD engineers which allows us to process all our data in house. Much of our point cloud processing is completed utilizing Bentley Systems Software (Micro station| Bentley Descartes | Bentley Pointools).

Autodesk and Revit - We develop our own custom, standalone software solutions that help optimize point cloud processing, a number of which have been implemented within our clients own workflows. We use the latest laser scanners: Faro 3 D Scanners and Total stations for control measurement. The security and confidentiality of our client’s data is paramount within our working practices.

Contact information:

Keith Bernard F.C.A.

Project Manager

North Star Technology

Mob: (Bah) +973 39645975